20-26 Aug 2017 PLOUZANE (France)

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 Dr Bleuenn Gueguen, IUEM


I am a research scientist at CNRS since January 2016. I am in charge of the ICP-MS facilities from the PSO (Pôle-Spectrométrie-Océan) that has two mass spectrometers: a HR-ICP-MS Element 2 and an ICP-MS-Q XSeries 2 both from Thermo.

I did a PhD at the University of Brest and Ifremer (2010-2013) under the supervision of Olivier Rouxel and Yves Fouquet on the isotopic geochemistry of Ni, Cu, Zn and Fe in oceanic metalliferous deposits such as ferromanganese crusts and manganese nodules. From 2014 to 2016 I was a postdoctoral research associate at Yale University in Noah Planavsky’s lab and I worked on the isotopic geochemistry of Cr in reducing sediments from modern oceans.

My research focuses on the understanding of the biogeochemical cycling of transition metals in the oceans using metal stable isotope systematics as biogeochemical tracers of metal sources.

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