20-26 Aug 2017 PLOUZANE (France)

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Philippe_Nonnotte_trombi_2016.jpgDr. Philippe Nonnotte, UBO / IUEM - LGO UMR6538


I am a Research Engineer at UBO (University of Brest) since 2007. I work as lab manager of the ThermoFischer MC TI-MS Triton from the PSO (Pôle Spectrométrie Océan) and I am in charge of the ISO9 Clean Laboratory from the LGO (Laboratory Géosciences Océan UMR 6538 from IUEM) for sample chemical preparation.

I did a PhD at the University of Brest (2003-2007) on the evolution of volcanicity and tectonics in the North Tanzania Divergence (South ending of the Kenya rift) during the last 8 My in relation with the geochemical changes in the associated mantle sources.

My main scientific interests focus on the high temperature geochemistry of magmatic rocks using the Pb-Sr-Nd isotopic systematic to better constrain the mantle sources dynamic. On the MC TI-MS Triton, I principally work to methodological development concerning the use of well known isotopic system (Rb-Sr and Sm-Nd) on new matrices in response to IUEM scientists’ requests.

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