20-26 Aug 2017 PLOUZANE (France)

Lecturers > Memery Laurent


Dr Laurent Memery, LEMAR, France

Laurent Memery (LEMAR/IUEM) is mostly involved in understanding and describing the biogeochemical ocean cycles, mostly through a 3D modelling approach, with a strong link with observations. His three major scientific topics are 1) the impact of small, medium (meso) and large (basin) scales on tracer distributions (basic elements - N, P, C, Si, O2 - and TEIs) and fluxes (primary production, export production, 2) the impact of pelagic biodiversity (constrained by hydro-dynamical processes and environmental conditions) on ecosystem functioning (plankton succession, primary and export production), 3) the(de)coupling of biogeochemical fluxes between the surface ocean and the meso pelagic region, and the fate of particles in the deep ocean.

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